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Happy new month

Welcome to another new day and month. Do you know over thinking, especially negative thoughts can ruin you?. It can ruin situations and can twist things around and make you worry, and make things worse for you, if care is not taken. I want you to know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacles.

In this new month, let your thoughts be positive. Allow God to direct you and go to Him in prayer and submit yourself to Him. Think positively, laugh often, love people, love yourself and be happy. Whatever you decide to do in this new month, make sure it's a thing that will make you happy and glorify the Lord. May God's peace, love, protection, grace and love be yours in this new month of walking with God with good mind IJMN Amen. Have a wonderful new month. Happy New Month :)

Stay Bless.

Message sent from Mummy Beatrice Takpe

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